Wapiti Mountain Cabins House Rules

DIRECTIONS:  From milepost 29 on Highway 14/16/20, turn onto Green Creek Road next to the Red Barn Gas Station/Grocery Store.  Go Approximately ¼ mile and turn right onto Paintbrush Drive.  We are located on the right after you turn onto Paintbrush Drive.  Each Cabin has a chalkboard next to the door with the guest’s name on the board.  Please ensure you are at the right cabin.  Please go in and make yourself comfortable!  Door codes will be provided upon booking.

Service Questions

Our house is situated on a septic tank and it is very sensitive to anything other than toilet paper. Please only flush toilet paper in the toilet. Wrap and place feminine products in the trash. This will eliminate backups in the bathtub, sinks and toilet and will keep us all happy. Grease is another concern for us. When cooking, please use paper towels and wipe grease out of pans. Pouring grease down the drain will result in a clog and then it will be very messy for our guests and very expensive for us to repair.

The washing machine only uses HE type detergents. The detergent is placed directly on the clothing. Please don’t put place detergents in the bleach tray or on top of the agitator (Center part of the tub). This has to be removed manually by staff and is very time consuming.

Dishwasher – The dishwasher uses dishwasher soap packets. Please don’t put liquid soap or anything else not designed specifically for the dishwasher. This could be disastrous when the soap foams out of the door! Please put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher before leaving. Put a dishwasher packet in the dishwasher door soap container and close the door. The packets are located under the sink and in the Cascade container. Press the normal wash and then start. Thank you for assisting us with this task.


Cleaning Rags – There are red rags in the cabin for your convenience in case you need to wash bugs off your vehicle or wipe mud from your shoes, etc. Please use those red rags and not our towels for washing muddy or greasy messes. Thank you for your help in this area.


Please be conservative on water usage when taking showers or letting the tap water run unnecessarily.  Long showers will use a lot of water and may deplete the well capability.  Please limit your showers while staying with us and help us conserve this precious resource.

Food and Dining – The Red Barn is located approximately 1/8 of a mile from the cabin. They stock some food items, beer, souvenirs, fuel and some fishing equipment. See my recommendations for Restaurants on the tab section. There are also lodges along the Northfork of the Shoshone River between Wapiti Cabin and Yellowstone that serve food and offer horseback riding to the public. Check them out too if you are interested in riding or eating at a different location.


Other Rules

Checkout – Checkout is by 11:00 am. This is strictly enforced in order to give our cleaning staff enough time to wash bedding, clean floors, dust and perform other cleaning tasks before the next guests arrive. Our staff provides a thorough cleaning between guests and it requires the full 3 hours for them to accomplish this by 4pm when the next guest checks in.


PETS – We are pet friendly, however, there are some rules that must be followed. Pets are not to be left in the cabin while guests are away. When you leave, your pets must go with you even for short trips to the store or dining out. Damage has been done to our furniture in the past because pets suffer from separation anxiety. Any additional damage caused by pets will be charged accordingly. Urine and feces damage will be charged an additional $50 fee if cleaning staff are required to clean up after your pet. The $25 pet fee only covers additional washing of bedding and cleaning of carpets for pet hair to ensure the next guests enter a clean and pet free cabin. We want Wapiti Cabin to remain pet friendly but if we have to continually replace carpets or furniture due to chewing, or clean pet waste that encourages the next pet to use the same area, we will have to reevaluate our pet friendly status. Please be respectful of our facilities and keep an eye on your pet while visiting us! Thank you for your cooperation.


Wildlife Viewing – Wyoming offers some of the biggest selection of wildlife in the nation. We support Elk, Rocky Mountain Sheep, Mountain Goats, Deer, Antelope, Moose, Grizzly and Black Bears, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Fox, Bobcats, Otters, Beaver and a variety of other animals. If you want to see these animals, plan to leave the cabin around sunrise and drive slowly through the forest to the East Gate of Yellowstone. Animals gather along the river early in the morning around sunrise and in the evening from approximately 2 pm to sunset. These are the best times to see wildlife in our area. You will see as many animals on the 30 mile drive to Yellowstone as you will see in the Park and usually without the crowding that is typically seen in Yellowstone.


WiFi is free at Wapiti Valley Cabins, we are unable to provide high speed internet due to the mountainous region. Please don’t stream video or play on-line games across the internet connection. It will eventually slow and then stop. Please feel free to surf the internet and check out your next destinations though. We will provide the wifi instructions when you arrive

Bears are in Yellowstone and here at Wapiti Mountain Cabin. Garbage is a concern for our Wapiti Mountain Cabin. Garbage placed outside attracts both black and Grizzly bears in our area. (Yes, we have them both at Wapiti Valley Vacation Rentals). If you are staying several days and accumulate a lot of trash, please let us know so we can place it into locked dumpsters so we don’t have unwanted bear encounters. We appreciate your help with keeping bears wild.


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