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Welcome to Cody Wyoming

Home of Yellowstone National Park.

The Crown Jewel of the US National Parks! Volcanos, geysers, buffalo, wolves, bears, waterfalls, lakes, camping and ??? If it belongs in the wilderness, you will find it here. This is why you came here, right? We are fortunate to live here and very happy you came to Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming! Here at Wapiti Valley Cabins, you are in the heart of Yellowstone Country.


The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is a “Smithsonian” for Western culture and boasts one of, if not THE most complete gun collections in the WORLD.

The Museum also has artwork by Remington, Russell and Bama as well as displays from Native American cultures including Plains Indians.

There’s so much to see at this museum that you’ll need an entire day just to tour!


Cody Rodeo and Stampede

Welcome to the WILD WEST!!! Cody is the Rodeo Capital of America!

Every night from June 1st – August 31st, Rain or Shine. Come and watch how we do it in the west!

Bull riding, barrel racing, bulldogging.

We have professional rodeos every week and then another round July 1-4th with some of your favorite Professional Bull Riders competing for the biggest outdoor rodeo prize in the nation.


Old Town Trail

“Old Town Trail” is a must see attraction.

The authentic cabins are from the old west, where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’s hole in the wall cabin sits here along with Curly’s cabin (George Custer’s Scout). They have been preserving their western heritage by inviting people to explore what it was like back then!

See how they lived in the old west before it was modernized to what we know today! We are proud of our western heritage and history, so come explore – you’ll be glad that you did.


White water rafting at it’s best! We know how to have fun and get your heart pumping. Clear mountain rivers with that splash of excitement with experienced guides who are unmatched anywhere! Get an adrenaline rush on the rapids, experience beauty of our area as you drift down Shoshone river where plains indians called truce in healing waters

Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir

The Buffalo Bill dam is an amazing achievement for the architects who needed to bring water to the dry lands of Cody Wyoming.

The history here and the amazing undertaking by these brave men who built the dam are recorded in the museum. Explore the roar when the dam is in full release in the spring and the endless rainbow that covers the canyon when the water is pouring through the spillway.

Explore the Buffalo Bill reservoir while you are there. This is the lifeblood of Cody and the Bighorn Basin. Water is a commodity here and we are thankful for those who brought us the gift of water. The reservoir is our boating, fishing, waterskiing, swimming, and watersport mecca.

Come join us on the water if you dare, it’s a little on the cool side because if flows from the mountain streams but it feels good when it’s hot!

White and brown horses close up photography

Wild Mustangs

Mustangs! Wild horses of the Spanish Conquistadors!

We have them just outside of Cody. Wild and colorful. They are a legacy of the wild west and we are in love with our horses here!

Come visit the local herd but keep your distance. They are as wild as the other wildlife in the area and they can be dangerous if intruded on.

This is a fun drive if you have a little time on your hands and have that horse lover in your group.

Ski in the Winter and zipline in the summer!

We have a mountain of fun between Yellowstone and Wapiti Valley Vacation Rentals near the East Entrance. Come and get your blood running again! It may not be the longest zipline in the world but it is the most beautiful just outside of Yellowstone’s East Gate.

You might even see a bear, moose or some elk from the line. Have a blast and breathe some clean mountain air.


Bear Tooth Highway Scenic Drive

The Beartooth Highway is one of the most beautiful drives you will ever take in the United States. The mountain lakes, alpine flowers, Mountain Goats, Mountain Peaks and other features are unmatched anywhere. The road is narrow and full of hairpin turns but you will be glad you made this trip. From the Northeast entrance to Red Lodge Montana, this is an extraordinary sightseeing and photographic journey that will leave you breathless. From Red Lodge, you are only 1 1/2 hours from Wapiti Valley Cabins. Plan a full day and Enjoy!


Dan Miller's Cowboy Music Revue

He’s been around the rodeo arena for many years but he and his band call Cody home. They visit Larry’s CountryDiner on RFDTV quite often but we have them every night in the summer playing cowboy music for the crowds.

Once again, they’ll be at their little theatre next door to the Irma Hotel, at 1131 12th Street in Cody – and they are partnering with the Irma for a fantastic dinner/show beginning at 5:30 pm each evening (Monday through Saturday) with their show starting at 7 p.m. those nights.

We’d like to introduce you to the Grand Old Lady of Cody, the Irma Hotel.

The hotel has an interesting history. For over 100 years, the Irma has been a symbol of neighborliness and good cheer where people could relax and be themselves.

Everyone from Colonel Cody, to princes and potentates, Indian chiefs and cowboys “came as they were” to the Irma.

The hotel was opened to the public on November 1, 1902. A grand opening celebration followed on November 18 (see original invitation below). Buffalo Bill spent $80,000 in 1902 dollars on construction costs. He named the hotel for his youngest daughter Irma, born February 9, 1886.

-Irma Hotel Website


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